ontario cannabis stores
ontario cannabis stores

ontario cannabis retail stores

LCBO releases logos for ‘Ontario Cannabis Retail Stores,’ and people are underwhelmed

LCBO unveiled logos and branding for the “Ontario Cannabis Store” this week, along with its inaugural Board of Directors.

As part of a national plan to legalize recreational cannabis during the summer of 2018, the provinces were tasked with organizing how they’d like to sell the product. For example, B.C. proposed a mix of public and private stores, while Alberta will be issuing licenses on a case-by-case basis to cannabis stores and dispensaries.

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Cannabis legalization

Learn about our safe and sensible approach to preparing for the federal government’s legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada.

Say ‘high’ to the Ontario Cannabis Store! LCBO unveils legal pot retailer’s name and logo

The smoke has cleared surrounding the name and logo of Ontario’s new pot retail regime. Welcome to the Ontario Cannabis Store.

But, like a stoner with the munchies, the new look has many observers craving something else.

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Ontario Cannabis Store place to shop for legalized pot in Ontario

Ontarians interested in purchasing legalized marijuana now have a name and a place to shop.

The Ontario Cannabis Store will be the brand name of the province’s new cannabis agency, which will be operated by the LCBO

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ontario cannabis stores