How many cannabis stores in British Columbia?

As of July 2019 there are a total of 45 cannabis retails stores in British Columbia.  Out of the 46 total retail locations 44 are private owned and operated and 2 governemnt operated outlets open for business.

What Cities and Towns in British Columbia have legal retail stores and dispensaries?

Dispensary Kamloops B.C. CannabisStore com Website

Map of all Cannabis Stores IN British Columbia

cannabis retail stores in british columbia

B.C. Government Cannabis Information Website

B.C. Government Cannabis Distribution FAQ Website

B.C. Retail Licence Application and Details

B.C. Government introduces new legislation to deal with marijuana legalization

The B.C. government is proposing new rules that would make 19 the minimum age to purchase, sell or consume cannabis, allow adults to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in a public place and prohibit cannabis smoking and vaping everywhere tobacco smoking and vaping our prohibited.

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Public cannabis stores in B.C. to operate under retail brand ‘BC Cannabis Stores’

The B.C. government has announced once legalized, public cannabis stores and the online retail store for non-medical cannabis will operate under the new brand BC Cannabis Stores.

The government says this will align with the BC Liquor Stores brand and will be used to support the wholesale distribution and sale of non-medical cannabis.

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B.C.’s Approach to Cannabis Legalization

Our provincial regulatory framework sets the stage for the legal and responsible use of cannabis by British Columbians. British Columbia’s top priorities are protecting young people, promoting health and safety, keeping the criminal element out of cannabis, keeping our roads safe, and supporting economic development.

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B.C. to allow private cannabis retailers, as long as local communities approve

“Adult recreational marijuana users in British Columbia, will be able to buy cannabis from private retailers, in urban centres, and in government-run stores across the province, the B.C. government announced “

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“British Columbia will create a retail system for recreational cannabis that is almost identical to the one for alcohol, but like most other provinces, will not allow the two substances to be sold together in private or public stores once Ottawa legalizes it this summer.”

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B.C. unveils pot plans: marijuana to be sold in standalone government stores, separate from liquor

he B.C. government has begun filling in the details surrounding its plans for regulating and selling non-medical marijuana, but is cautioning it will take some time for a clearer picture to form.

“There are many key policy areas where decisions still have to be made,” said Solicitor General Mike Farnworth, in announcing the proposed rules.

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British Columbia to sell recreational marijuana in pot-only stores

VANCOUVER (Reuters) – British Columbia said on Monday it would set up a chain of government-run shops and license private stores that would sell recreational marijuana only, the latest of Canada’s provinces to unveil sales strategies for pot just months before it is legalized.

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B.C. government to launch chain of cannabis-only retail stores

“The B.C. government intends to create a chain of government-run stores that sell cannabis and accessories in addition to allowing room for private-sector competition once the federal government legalizes adult use of marijuana – a move expected to happen by July. All of these stores will be forbidden from selling liquor or tobacco.”

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B.C. to limit legal pot sales to stand-alone stores, set personal possession at 30 grams

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B.C. government to launch chain of cannabis retail stores

The B.C. government intends to create a chain of government-run stores that sell cannabis and accessories but not liquor or tobacco,

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